SAFECADDY® – THE Mobile Safety System

The first minutes are decisive!

  • A unique, compact device designed to help prevent and contain emergency situations.
  • High visibility as required by health and safety regulations.
  • Easy to use and operate. With its unique wheel mounted storage case one single operator can move the SafeCaddy® quickly from its storage point directly to the fire or first aid emergency scene.
  • Can contain fire extinguishers, first aid kits, defibrillators, binding agents, fire blanket, gloves, masks, escape ladder, Prevento® gel for pyrotechnic fires, stretcher, etc.
  • Designed and manufactured to the highest specifications in Germany.

SafeCaddy® – ideal for all places where people gather: sports venues, outdoor events, hotels, public buildings, factories, ships, airports, rail stations, stables and more.

SafeCaddy® is patented! European Patent Nr. 13478060 / Munich (Germany).