Public Gatherings

SafeCaddy® allows fast emergency aid and preventive fire fighting at all events and places, where many people need to be protected:

  • Stadiums
  • Open-Air-Events
  • Public-Viewing-Events
  • Fire Works
  • Theaters, opera houses, town halls
  • Motorsport organisations
  • Hotel facilities, holiday resorts
  • Zoos, museums
  • Fun parks
  • Cinemas
  • Swimming pools
  • Camping sites
  • SafeCaddy® can be used even in areas of restricted access, uneven grounds, stairs, etc. all necessary equipment will be right on the spot!
  • Helper does not need to run back and forth to a fixed cabinet.
  • With SafeCaddy® the complete first aid equipment can be transported directly to the accident scene and helper can concentrate immediately on the injured!