SAFECADDY® – The Mobile Safety System!

  • Combines all necessary equipment in an innovative mobile unit.
  • Provides clear placement and international codes labeling of components, allowing even untrained user to find the needed item quickly.
  • Allows easy transport of all equipment right to the scene and helper does not need to run back and forth to a cabinet mounted to a wall
  • Ready for immediate use – high visibility due to signal colour.
  • Masters uneven grounds and steep stairs easily.
  • Prevents back strain: simple and fast pulling instead of carrying heavy back packs
  • Allows preventive fire fighting at places where fire trucks are too big to move, where access is limited or impossible, e.g. in small alleys in old parts of a town and at mass events.
  • Can be filled as per customers’ need. Basket and aluminum box are interchangeable and allow fast and flexible filling for next emergency use.
  • Can be equipped with special gel (in aluminum box) to extinguish pyrotechnical fires, e.g. at soccer games in stadiums, which currently can not be extinguished by the fire brigade.