SAFECADDY® – THE Mobile Safety System

Possible accessories:

  • Axe, for fire brigade, DIN 14924 with integrated three-square socket wrench in handle
  • Bag valve mask
  • Barrier tape, red/white, width 80 mm, roll with 500 metre
  • Bolt cutter with adjustable knives, length 450 mm, for cutting of round material up to HRc 40, knives made of chrome-vanadium-steel, drop-forged, high-grade tempered, knive head exchangeable
  • Carrying Sling, compact to store it allows rescue of patients where due to  impassable terrain the use of a conventional stretcher is impossible, the carrying sling allows injured persons to be transported reliably and safely. Made of high-durable polyester fabric CORDURA truck-tarpaulin
    quality with 8 carrying loops following DIN-EN 1865. Dimension 2000 x 700 mm
  • Cold packs, instant, 15 x 20 cm, first aid for muscular cramps, effusions, bruises and strains, no need to place in the freezer before chemically activated, pack offers cooling for appr. 20 minutes, for single use
  • Decontamination devices
  • Defibrillators, as per the regulations for your company you might also have to include a defibrillator to your SafeCaddy® which can be fitted as per your need.
  • Drain balloon, ideal for uneven corners and edges
  • Drain cover, magnetic
  • Drain cover, to be used with sand/water
  • Eye rinse, bottle, as per DIN 12930, 2 years shelf life, sterile sodium, chloride solution (0.9%), solution matches natural eye salinity. To wash out dust, dirt, splints, etc. Can be kept ready for use for at least two years in the sealed state. A protective cover clips onto the spray head of the eye wash bottle hygienically and without any leakage. The tamper-evident seal guarantees proper function.
  • Eye shower, stainless steel tank, 16 litre, 7 bar
  • Faceshield, 200 mm
  • Fine Dust Mask, for mechanically and thermally generated particles and fumes e.g. grinding, sanding, crushing, sawing, smoke and welding fume. Cool flow valve prevents heat and moisture build up, making breathing easier, build in nose clip, mask as per EN 149:2001 + A1:2009, protects against 10-fold of the max. allowed concentration value, protection stage FFP 2 NR D, sanitarily single packed
  • Fine Dust Mask FFP3
  • Fire blanket made from textured e-glass yarn, as per DIN EN 1869/2001, dimension of open blanket 1800 x 1600 mm
  • Fire escape hood, with its ABEK15 filter, this mask provides reliable protection against several toxic gases and smokes with harmful concentrations. The mouth piece with nose clip is easy and safe to don, even by persons with beard or glasses. It provides the lowest possible leakage values. Even under difficult operating conditions the robust packaging protects the device and, thereby, ensures a long service life. The ergonomic and handy design with slip-proof holding areas on the housing allows for easy and safe handling. It protects the user from harmful perilous gases and smokes for at least 15 minutes. The housing fastener is easy and fast to open. Long product life. It is approved in accordance with DIN 58647-7.
  • Fire extinguisher, CO2, as per DIN EN3
  • Fire extinguisher, foam, as per DIN EN 3
  • Fire extinguisher, Gel, as per DIN EN 3
  • Fire extinguisher, powder, as per DIN EN 3
  • Fire extinguisher, Prevento, 2 or 6 litre sizes, as per DIN EN 3
  • Fire extinguishing spray bottles Prevento, different sizes
  • First aid box as per DIN 13157, lead-sealable, including luminescent safety signage, made of high grade ABS material with circular rubber seal, flexible inner partitioning by separating bridge, reinforced handle, clear Perspex for the protection of the content
  • Funnel, folding, for industry purposes
  • Gel compresses for cooling, disinfection, suitable for burns
  • Gloves – chemical protection, class 3
  • Gloves – cut protection
  • Gloves – disposable, 50 pc per box
  • Gloves – heat protection, leather, lined
  • Gloves – high heat protection EN 388, EN 407, EN 420, CE Cat III
  • Goggles, safety, as per EN 166, protection against particles, abrasive dust and chemicals, anti-fog, anti-mist coating, anti-static, adjustable neoprene strap, indirect air ventilation, fit over prescription glasses, clear material allowing good side view, delivered in microfibre pouch that can also be used to clean goggles, impact resistant
  • Hacksaw Frame, as per DIN 6473 A, with wooden handle and undetachably pins, steel, forged style, 300 mm, bow 18 x 8 mm, lacquered, hand saw blade made of bi-metall, 24 teeth per inch.
  • Hand brush
  • Hand cleaning tissues, 25 x 25 cm, in the practical Wiper Bowl® dispensing bucket you have 72 wipes at hand for hygienic cleanliness. Thanks to tear-off perforation the wipers can be dispensed individually. Tissues made of 100% polypropylene are highly absorbant, wash-resistant, solvent-resistant, lint-free, and designed for universal application.
  • Multifunction tool 14-in-1: high quality, stainless steel. This well thought out Multi-Tool has contoured handles that provide extra comfort in use and that fold over the pliers to ensure safe and compact storage. The 14 functions include: Pliers, Needle Nose Pliers, Wire Cutter, 3 Slotted Screwdriver Sizes, 1 Phillips Screwdriver, a Single and Double Cut File, Bottle Opener, Can Opener, Saw, Knife and Serrated Blade.
  • Oil binding agents
  • Oil collecting basins, up to 75 litre, foldable for easy storage in SafeCaddy
  • Overal, disposable non-woven, with hood, anti static, type 5 + 6, KAT3, EN 1149-1, Size XXL, colour white
  • Portable shower, autonomous
  • Pyrotechnical fires to be extinguished by Prevento Blue Gel; easily and quickly extinguish pyrotechnical fires in the aluminium box.
  • Refuse bag, blue, roll with 25 pc
  • Rescue blanket, silver/gold, keeps in body heat and preserves body temperature, but can also be used to protect against sun and heat.
  • Rescue ladder, for 5 – 8 or 12 meter, optional with rung stabilizer, to allow fast and safe escape during fire, should your SafeCaddy® be placed on a higher floor
  • Respirators, Gas/Vapour & Particulate
  • Respiratory mask in plastic case incl. gloves and cleaning tissue. This pocket mask with a one way valve and a replaceable filter the one way filter with low resistance and the disposable hydrophobic filter helps to prevent the passage of liquids and secretions and protects the rescuer during the  resuscitation, all materials are latex-free
  • Rinse station for eye, face, hand, lower arm, leg, …
  • Sand for extinguishing fire
  • Shovel, metal, with wooden handle
  • Torch, 3,0 Watt, compact design, casing made of ABS, extremly bright xenon bulb, explosion protection, water-, air- and dust-tight, with clip for easy fixation on clothing, 4-6 hrs burn time, headlight range of 100-140 m, incl. batteries
  • Tool Box for SafeCaddy Compact/Industry instead of steel box
  • Vest, high visibility for safety, fluorescent, EN471, class 2, with velcro closure

With the above accessories you can already equip SafeCaddy® for many emergency situations and with one grab you can take everything immediately right to the scene of the accident and help efficiently!

However, SafeCaddy® can store even more accessories! Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need further, more specialized accessories and we will send you a tailor-made quotation!