SAFECADDY® – THE Mobile Safety System!

SafeCaddy® is already successfully in daily use in various industries and applications. See for yourself!

Fire Brigade Düsseldorf

The Fire Brigade in Düsseldorf bought first units in March 2006 and has used them ever since esp. during football matches. During a Düsseldorf-Lübeck game fire of the seating rows and pyrotechnical fires could be quickly and safely contained thanks to the professional equipment of the SafeCaddy®.

THW Oldenburg (Governmental disaster relief organisation of the Federal Republic of Germany)

The Technisches Hilfswerk has tested the SafeCaddy® and was very impressed: This multiple safety system is an excellent and necessary addition to existing safety units. Thanks to its modular structure, it can be adapted to many different specific company requirements. The THW aleady included the SafeCaddy® in their initial training courses (Basisausbildung I).

Police of Oldenburg

Police of Oldenburg used the SafeCaddy® during a Germany-France football match in Oldenburg. They confirmed the practical advantages of the mobile SafeCaddy® for such events and anticipated many other areas where the SafeCaddy® could be successfully used to fullfil the safety standards.

Peguform GmbH

With 1000 employees, Peguform is a manufacturer of plastic components for the international car industry. It takes pride in its very high safety standards. The modular structure of the SafeCaddy® seduced them and they have included it in their plant protection scheme with the view of reaching possible scenes of accidents even faster.

elko & Werder Security GmbH

Security company ELKO used the SafeCaddy® during a football game. They praised the product for its easy use and handling – they certainly recommended the SafeCaddy® for future reference!